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Rumpelstitlskin script Form 2and PBS B6D3E1 Form 2 Sains
Saturday, 27 April 2013 | 11 comments
Rumpelstitlskin Script Form 2

*Holding a piece of pie.*
Mother: Oh our clever and pretty daughter Lisa. You just baked some pie, buns and tarts. How amazing you are.
Father: I bet the King will stop at our gate. I hear that he loves pie.
Lisa: Look, the King is here.
Father: I know he will come here. I’m sure he wants to marry a clever and pretty girl like you.
King: Wow. Apple pie. My favorite.
Mother: Oh your Majesty. My daughter Lisa just baked some. Come and try a slice.
*King comes into the house and eats a slice.*
*King makes happy face.*
King: Wow, this is so delicious.
*King licks finger.*
King: Who made this pie? This is the best pie I’ve ever made.
Father: My daughter Lisa made this your majesty.
*King starts to walk off and mother hold king’s hand.”
Mother: Before you rush off, let me introduce you my daughter, Lisa. She is the best baker and she can weave the most beautiful cloth and spin the finest thread.
Lisa: Oh father, don’t make up stories. The king is in a hurry.
King: There are a lot of people at the palace who can spin, weave and spin.
Father: But there’s no one as clever as Lisa that can spin straw into gold.
*Lisa widened her eyes.*
Lisa: Oh your Majesty; don’t take any notice of what my father just said. Of course I can’t spin straw into gold.
Mother: But Lisa, you’re so clever. You would make it if you tried.
*Lisa whispers to her mother*
Lisa: You know I can’t spin straw into gold.
King: My kingdom is not very rich and I could do with some more gold. You can come back to the palace and if you really can spin straw into gold, you will be well rewarded. If not, I shall cut off your head.
*Lisa cries.*
Lisa: But no one can spin straw into gold your majesty.
*Mother and Father make worried expression*
Mother: Your Majesty, I think her father was only joking. It can’t make sense that someone can spin straw into gold.
*King looks angry.*
King: If you’re telling the truth she’s nothing to fear. But if not *King stops talking.*
*King holds Lisa’s hand and take her to a tower.*
Narrator: In the tower at night…
*Lisa cries sadly.*
Lisa: How can I spin straw into gold? It is not like I have some magic power to turn straws into gold. When the King finds this out, he’ll cut off my head.
*Climbing sounds. Rumpelstitlskin come from door.*
Rumpelstitlskin: Why are you crying?
Lisa: My father said to the King that I can spin straw into gold and now the King will cut off my head if I can’t spin it tonight.
* Rumpelstitlskin laughs.*
Rumpelstitlskin:  I can help you with it. But what can you give me as exchange?
Lisa: I don’t have anything.
Rumpelstitlskin: What about that beautiful necklace you’re wearing?
Lisa: This?
*Lisa shows the necklace and Rumpelstitlskin nods. Lisa unfastens and hands it to Rumpelstitlskin*
Rumpelstitlskin: Now, go to sleep and you’ll find that bunch of straw here are gold tomorrow.
Narrator: The next morning…
*Lisa wakes up.*
King: So your father told the truth. You can spin straws into gold. Amazing.
*Lisa makes scared expression.*
King: Now you’ve kept your word. But I need more gold.
*Lisa follows the King to next table.*
King: Spin all the straw into gold by this night. If not, I’ll cut off your head.
*King goes out.*
Lisa: I wish that little man will come here again.
Narrator: As her wish…
Rumpelstitlskin: More straw to spin? My favorite task.
Lisa: What should I give to you?
Rumpelstitlskin: How about that ring you’re wearing?
*Lisa takes off her rings and gives to Rumpelstitlskin*
Rumpelstitlskin: As usual, you can sleep now.
Narrator: The next morning…
*Lisa wakes up*
King: Well done Lisa, you’ve spun more gold. But I’m not satisfied yet.
*Lisa follows King to next table.
King: This is all the straw that I can find. Spin it into gold by this night. Or you’ll never see the world again.
*Lisa cries*
Lisa: I wish that the little man will come again. But now what should I give to him?
*Mother and father shouts from the street. Waving to Lisa.*
Lisa: Father, why did you tell the King that I can spin gold?
Father: But you can spin it right?
Lisa: But it is because there is a little man come here at night and helps me but as exchange, I had given him my necklace and ring. Now, I don’t have anything to give him.
Father: Promise him whatever he asks.
Lisa: But what if I can’t keep my promise?
Mother: It’s okay. You are miles away by that time.
Lisa: Oh I hope you are right.
Narrator: That night…
*Lisa cries*
Lisa: I really need that little man helps tonight.
* Rumpelstitlskin comes*
Rumpelstitlskin: Dry your tears. I will help you but this will be the last time.
Lisa: But I can’t pay you. I’ve nothing.
Rumpelstitlskin: I don’t work for nothing.
Lisa: I wish I can pay you after I get home.
* Rumpelstitlskin glances at Lisa.*
Lisa: Please help me this one last time. I promise that I can give you anything after I get home.
Rumpelstitlskin: What about the first-born child after you get to be a queen?
*Lisa nods.*
Lisa: I promise.
Narrator: That morning
*Lisa wakes up.*
King: Wow, you are so amazing. Now, you’ll be my queen and your parents will be living with us in the palace happily ever after. *Claps*
*Lisa smiles.*
Narrator: A year after…
*Lisa is playing with her baby. She got a baby boy.*
* Rumpelstitlskin bukak and tutup pintu*
BGM by Ayiesh: tepuk tepuk meja.
Rumpelstitlskin appears
Rumpelstitlskin: This is the time to keep you promise little Queen.
Lisa: Promise? What promise?
Rumpelstitlskin: You promised me your first-born child a year ago.
Lisa: That was a long time ago.
Father: This is the King’s son. You can’t take it.
Rumpelstitlskin: I can’t? Just wait and see.
Lisa: Have as much gold you want. But please leave my baby.
*Lisa holds Pororo tightly.*
Rumpelstitlskin: I’ve plenty of gold. I have a deal. If you can answer this riddle within three days, that baby is mine.
Lisa: What is the riddle?
Rumpelstitlskin: What is my name? You have three guesses.
*Lisa’s face changes*
Lisa: Is it John? Samuel? Mark?
* Rumpelstitlskin shakes his head and tsk-ed Lisa.*
Rumpelstitlskin: All wrong.
* Rumpelstitlskin stamps his feet on the ground.*
*Lisa collapsed*
Lisa: How can I find his name?
Mother: It’s our entire fault. I am sorry.
Narrator: The next day…
*Rumpelstitlskin dances into the room.*
Rumpelstitlskin: Now three guesses~
* Rumpelstitlskin laughs evily.*
Lisa: William?
Mother: Jonathan!
Father: Or Marmaduke?
Rumpelstitlskin: Wrong wrong and wrong.
* Rumpelstitlskin stamps his feet and disappear.*
Mother: Leave it to us. We’ll follow him.
*Mother and Father hide behind table*
Rumpelstitlskin: Wife and family I have none. But tomorrow, I’ll have the King’s own song. Tricks and riddles are my game, Rumpelstitlskin is my name.
*Mother and Father creep away from table*
Narrator: The next day…
*Lisa is holding Pororo*
Rumpelstitlskin: Now that you only have three last chances.
Mother: It’s Jason.
Father: No, it’s Oliver.
* Rumpelstitlskin laughs and about to take the baby and Lisa shouts*
Lisa: Rumpelstitlskin!!!!
* Rumpelstitlskin stamps his feet loudly.*
Rumpelstitlskin: You cheated. You must have cheated!!!!
Lisa: Go away, and don’t come back. Leave us alone.
* Rumpelstitlskin stamps his feet and disappear.*
Lisa collapsed.
Lisa: At last, we are free. No that little man. We can live happily ever after in this palace. Thank you father and mother.
Mother: You don’t need to thank us. We also learn something.
Father: yeah. We learn to not boast you anymore even we have the best daughter and even the best grandchild ever.

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