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Thursday, 6 March 2014 | 0 comments
On my way to my home from my tuition.

I saw an old couple sitting together.

The male one is smiling while looking at his wife looking at all the cars.

I don't know what she is looking at.

But things suddenly pops in my head.

Will I be able to see them again?

Will they go first....

Or I go first?

It... just hits me so hard and it hurts.


I saw little birds.


So I picked it up and buried it in front of my house.

And I take the opportunity to look at the blue sky.

Can I look at them again?

Or will I  follow the bird?


I went for a morning jog with my siblings.

Looking up at the blue sky...

I saw birds with their couple.

Flying together.

It makes me think.

Will there be people that want to stay by my side?

Will I have someone that want to crawl in my down together with me?

Or will I crawl by myself through my down?


I saw B.A.P's preview today.

No. I saw it everyday.

It makes me think.

Will I be able to like them for a long time?

Or will I leave them and stop liking them?


Some little things make me remind me of my past.

Is that me?

Is that even makes sense?

Why did I even do that?

Am I mature enough now?

Will I go mature?

Will things go as what I want?


I'm having a real bad problems.

I'm thinking of breaking down and show the world that I'm the weakest person in the world.

I'm thinking of even stop smiling and laughing.

But what is the advantage of getting stress of problems?

"Do what you like, love what you do."

I'm trying to do what I like. And love what I'm doing.

But can I do it?


I love fluff.

I really love them.

Sometimes I just want to hug my friend and cry over small things.

But sometime I have to show my strength and goes all cold.

But can I go all cold everytime?

Can I go through all this?


Small things around me makes me think.

It doesn't even effect my life.

But I'm thinking of it.

Will I be able to think about it again?

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