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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 | 0 comments

Congratulations~ Congratulations~ Congratulations~

Finally, after accurately 1 year with B.A.P, i finally found a new group to like. I remember that time it was One Shot. I was kind of late when I started being a BABY
But nowadays they are getting busier. I am in Twitter hiatus. And i don't know what BAP had been doing. This time, Winner is doing good with their song, Empty.

I admit that I am kind of fussy when I chose a group to stan. Since I am originally a YG and TS stan, it's not a problem for me to accept Winner into my life. I started liking BAP because they were so kind, I'd never find someone like them. I think I changed a lot because of them. 

I was watching Inkigayo when I saw them performing Empty. That was when I started watching Winner TV :) I fell in love with Seungyoon's voice, cutie Jinwoo, playful Minho, charismatic but crazy Seunghoon and chic Taehyun.

I evaluate Winner one by one. And I know I have to stan a group like this. Winner is a very talented group I can't deny that. 

I'm not going to ignore BAP. I'm telling you. I still love them like old times. They are the group I loved the longest, the group that motivated me the most, the group I care the most. I'm not going to neglect them because of Winner, if BAP is having a battle with Winner, I will surely choose BAP!