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because of you
Monday, 20 October 2014 | 0 comments

i was scrolling, searching for any kpop news that happened lately since i had been on hiatus for past 4 months. Sure, lots of thing happened. Including my baby BAP getting all moody and sad. I don't know what happened but I wish all of them the best :)

Anyway back to the main topic. I was going through a blog of korean netizen. It's not a korean netizen, how can i say it, the summary of an incident.

This is how I feel, I don't want any people to be bashing me if someone ever read my crappy blog -.-

But to me, korean netizens are really, really crazy. They think negatively so many times. I don't know the situation but it hurts me when they actually keep bashing my favorite idols.

I know that sometimes idol needs some bashing to wake them up but the comments i had read were just 'wow'.

I tried a lot. To keep staying positive. Reminding myself that I'm not in their situation, I don't know what they are going through, what they are thinking of. I tried to keep staying positive but i think the netizen doesn't have the same mind as mine.

I wish that they can stop writing bad comments. I think the reason why lots of artists fell was because of the netizen itself. Never mind the one that write good comments. The one who write bad comments are real bad.

I wish that you guys just shut up and let the artist do what they want. Vote as you want, hear any songs you want, don't make me think of bad things when someone says something about korean netizen.

It's trauma.