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Saturday, 30 March 2013 | 0 comments
My love, Bang Yongguk and Bang Yongnam :) Happy Birthday, I wish the best to both of you in everything you do.

Remember, there's always people supporting you guys :)

The kids wished Yongguk :)

#1 Uri Jello tweet

: 늦었지만 용국형 생일축하해요~ 그리고 오늘 대전 팬싸인회 너무 재밌었어요~”

[TRANS] It's kinda late but Happy birthday Yongguk hyung~ And the fansigning in DaeJun today is really fun~ cr: BAP_FANCLUB

#2 Uri Himchan tweet
RT @Himchanchan: 조금 늦었지만 사랑하는 방리더 생일축하해 (@BAP_Bangyongguk)
그리고 애들아 어제보다 오늘을, 오늘보다 내일을 더 사랑하고 감사할게 모두에게 똑같은 마음으로. 언제나 였음 좋겠어 변치 말아요 2013년의 어느 좋은날

(trans) Though a little late, Bang leader, happy birthday (@bap_bangyongguk) And kids, today more than yesterday, tomorrow more than today, I will love you and thank you more, with the same heart towards everyone. It would be good if it is like this no matter when, without change. On a certain good day in 2013. 
#3 Uri Jongup tweet

RT @BAP_Jongup Happy Birthday to you

#4 Uri Youngjae tweet.

[TRANS] @BAP_Youngjae: It's our leader Yonggukie hyung's birthday! 
Everybody please congratulate him together~!
Today's Music Core, fansign's our Babys
And Yonggukie hyung's birthday!
A happy day~ Everyone sleep well!

우리의 리더용국이형의 생일입니다!
모두들 같이 축하해주세요~!
오늘 음악중심,팬사인회의 우리 베이비들
그리구 용국이형의 생일!
기분좋은날~ 모두 잘자요!

#5 Uri Daehyun tweet 

[TRANS] @BAP_Daehyun: Even though it's late, Yonggukie hyung happy birthday~!!!!!!! And thank you so much to the Babys who came to today's fansign!! Everybody good night^^

늦었지만 용국이형 생일축하해요~!!!!!!! 그리고 오늘 팬싸인회에 와준 baby들 정말 고마워요!! 모두들 good nig