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Monday, 14 October 2013 | 0 comments
Hello yeay guys~

Our cute rapper's birthday is today. Yeah 15.10.2013 yoohoo~

Anyway, happy birthday @ZELO96

May you get popular by times and stop growing taller I can't reach you.

I remembered how quiet but funny you are. And how cute, pretty, handsome and anime like you are.

You are so talented I'm so speechless right now. Anyway oppa, keep showing off your talent and keep talking. Don't let your hyungs make you down dear :3 And ask them about the kimchi you want. And cross dressing too :3 You promised to cross dressing right dear.

Don't stop eating, tweeting and enjoying your life. Your life must be tiring but enjoy it. And I feel sorry for you because you can't spend your teen like other teenagers. You must rest a loooooot ok oppa~

Anyway, don't push yourself too hard. Do your best but don't push yourself. Enjoy your life because teen is only once. I know you don't read this but what do I care.

Oppa :3

사랑하는 우리 젤로 오빠 
생일 축하합니다

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to Jello Oppa~
Happy Birthday to You.

막내 오빠야 생일 축하해요 .
사랑해요 오빠.

Prettier than Babys

Cuter than girls

Tallest giant maknae.

Hotter than fire

젤로야 그만 크자     

그래 주농아.제발...ㅋ 케잌 잘 먹겠습니다ㅋ “@ZELO96: 젤로야 그만 크자

Youngjae replied Zelo's tweet :3